5) Daily activity diary

Remember, this was Jane’s activity diary. Notice how she has not filled every slot full of tasks and has left space for rest and relaxation.

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday 6th Stroke Club, 10.00 At home, rest / make tea Watch TV programme
Tuesday 7th Relaxed start, tidy living room Walk to corner shop Rest
Wednesday 8th Laundry Rest Cinema with Sam
Thursday 9th Relaxed start, tidy bedroom Potter in Garden Rest
Friday 10th Ironing Rest Art class
Saturday 11th Rest Shopping with Sam Watching television
Sunday 12th Walk in park Rest Dinner with family

Download the Daily activity diary [.pdf, 50KB]

Something to try

Why don’t you try filling in your own activity diary.
Remember to keep at least one slot free each day for a relaxing activity e.g. music listening, relaxation schedule, quiet reading.