4) Problem-solving sheet

Here is the sheet that helped Jane and Deirdre breakdown problems in order to set goals more effectively.

Step Tips
1 Identify the problem
Break it down into smaller steps
Small steps
2 List solutions
Write down as many ideas as you can think of – even if they seem silly
Lightbulb idea
3 Barriers
Think about possible barriers
Choose one of your ideas that looks more likely to work
4 Plan
Plan out step-by-step what you need to do
Think – What? Who? How? When?
Plan: What, who, how and when
5 Do it
Take the first step
Foot steps
6 Review
Review how it went
What have you learned?
Would you do it differently next time?

You might find it useful to save this for reference. You can download it here.

Download the problem-solving sheet [.pdf, 330 KB]

Now let’s look more closely at how Deirdre planned her week.