7) I want to make healthy eating choices

Meet Malcolm

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After I had my stroke, my wife was really worried about me. We were both a bit overweight so we decided to do something about it. I couldn’t be bothered with those ‘fad’ diets which don’t work anyway, we wanted to make changes that we would stick to. We had a look online and realised we didn’t eat enough fruit and vegetables and had too many takeaways.
Our meal time What we used to eat What we eat now
Breakfast Sugary cereal
Fry up
Porridge, with fruit toppings
Grilled sausages, scrambled eggs with grilled tomato and mushrooms
Lunch Chips Baked potato
Dinner Steak pie & Chips Grilled steak with steamed vegetables (or salad)
Make meals that can be frozen and then used for another day (e.g. Chilli)
Snacks Chocolate bar
3 chocolate biscuits (with tea)
1 fun size equivalent
1 biscuit (sometimes don’t have biscuits)

Something to try

Swap one snack for a piece of fresh fruit.

Limit takeaways to once a month.

Something to think about

Think about how you react to things you find stressful. Do you do something to calm yourself down or make yourself feel better such as eating rich fatty food? It might help to explore the Stress relief topic.