8) More things you can try

Have a look over these suggestions to see if they might work for you.

Talking 2 people talking Why not talk with friends and family or at a local stroke group? Sometimes just knowing you have told someone else who understands is enough to make you feel better. Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland Advice line is another place to talk in confidence. Call free on 0808 801 0899.You can also chat with your GP or stroke nurse about how you are feeling. They can direct you to the right place for help.
Meditation Meditation Meditation takes a bit of practice, but is a great stress buster. It usually involves starting with a comfortable posture then clearing your mind of thoughts and distractions. Often breathing techniques are used to help you concentrate. Why not try the mindfulness session?
Being Active walking Being physically active is a great way to tackle stress. Although not a cure, it can clear your mind to help you deal with the issues that might be causing you worry. Why not visit our Being Active section for lots of helpful advice no matter what your level of ability is.
Avoid Unhealthy Habits No cream cakes Try not to rely on smoking, drinking alcohol and eating unhealthy as a way of managing your stress. Unhealthy habits will only make things worse. Habits take time to form, so will also take time to break. Why not visit Keeping Healthy for some help and support.
Laughter Laughter Usually we all feel more relaxed when we have been laughing. Laughing releases endorphins in the brain which give us a feeling of happiness. Try watching something funny on TV or arrange to catch up with some old friends and share stories.

Key point

Different things work for different people. If you find that a technique does not work for you, try something else. Remember to tell your family and friends how you are feeling. Once they understand how you feel they can help support you.

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