4) Annie’s story

Annie has made a good recovery from her stroke and, until recently, she enjoyed attending the stroke club in her local town hall. But now she has stopped going.

The organiser phones Annie to find out if anything is wrong.

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  • Organiser: ‘How are you Annie, we haven’t seen you at the stroke club lately. Is everything OK?’
    Annie: ‘I’m fine, I just couldn’t be bothered’
  • Organiser: ‘The ’banter’ hasn’t been the same without you there, we really missed you.’
    Annie: ‘Really, I didn’t think anyone would notice, perhaps I will come along next week, I miss the gossip.’ (thought bubble – I do feel better after a good bleather)
  • Organiser: ‘That would be great. See you on Tuesday then?’
    Annie: ‘Yes, I’ll be there. Thanks for phoning. Bye’
  • Annie: ‘I’m glad I came today. It’s been good to catch up on the gossip.’

Annie realises that not getting out to her group was affecting her mood and self esteem. She now makes a effort to get out and about as it makes her feel better. Finally, let’s hear from David about how he recognised his warning signs.