9) Your local chemist

Chemists can offer a lot more than just a place to pick up your pills and prescription.

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  • Chronic Medication Service (CMS) – The Chronic Medication Service allows you to register with a chemist of your choice for the provision of your medication. The pharmacist can help you understand and manage your medication effectively.
  • Dosette boxes – A dosette box can help you organise your medication into times and days of the week. Speak to your pharmacist about this if you think it will be useful.
  • Your pharmacist – Pharmacists, like other healthcare professionals, can offer advice and information on a vast range of healthcare needs.
  • Over the counter medicines – Your chemist can advise you on the most appropriate over the counter medication for your health needs.
  • Smoking cessation – As well as being in a position to advise on the most appropriate form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), your local chemist provide you with many hints and tips to help you stop smoking.
  • Health Checks – Many community pharmacies offer the following health checks:
    • Blood pressure check and advice on how to keep healthy.
    • Cholesterol – A simple ‘finger prick’ test that can reveal your cholesterol level. Advice on how to reduce your cholesterol level is on hand too.
    • Blood glucose – A simple finger prick test that will let you know if your blood glucose level is too high, and what to do to keep it low or reduce it.
  • Weight management – Many Local Chemists can offer you weight loss support to help you maintain a healthy weight.

Something to try

It may be useful to find out what is available at your local pharmacy.