8) Remembering to take my medicines

Taking your medication reminders

Some people have lots of medication and it can be difficult to keep track. There are lots of ways you can prompt yourself to remember. Such as:

  • A note on the fridge
  • Writing it on the calendar
  • Keep the medicines where they’re easy to find
  • Make them part of your daily routine

If you’re having difficulty remembering which medicines to take when, speak to your pharmacist who may be able to give you further advice or a device to help you, such as a dosette box.

Something to try

Some mobile phones have calendars on them that can make an alarm go off at the same time every day with a message saying what tablets you should be taking.
There are lots of apps for tablets and smart phones – some are free.

Try printing the ‘My Medications sheet’ with the details of your medicines and when you take them, or ask someone to help you do this.

Something to think about

Would any of these ideas be useful for you? If you are forgetting to take your medication regularly it may be worth giving them a try.

Download My medicines sheet [.pdf, 69 KB]