4) How stress can affect your behaviour

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You may notice a change in your behaviour which may include:

  • Eating more (comfort eating) or eating less (fish supper remains)
  • Using alcohol, tobacco or drugs to relax (beer bottles or half full wine glass, ashtray with cigarette butts)
  • Sleeping too much much or not being able to sleep properly (nodding off in chair)
  • Developing nervous habits such as not being able to sit still or nail biting (very short nails)
  • Not feeling motivated to see people or to get things done (red unpaid bills)

The feelings of stress can be gradual and you may not initially notice, but people around you may notice changes in your behaviour.

Next we will look at ways you can help yourself cope with the effects of stress.

Something to think about

Has anyone commented that you might be behaving differently? Do you think this is because you are stressed?